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Aikido’s technology solutions address the challenges and bottlenecks the team faced in developing some of the world’s first floating wind farms.
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Aikido Platform

The Aikido Platform is a semi-submersible platform that can transport a fully assembled floating wind turbine horizontally. In its transport configuration, the unit fits within PANAMAX restrictions, which means it can fit into shallow water ports—even under bridges and those with air draft restrictions. Upending the platform only requires ballasting the platform with seawater.

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Aikido Turbine

The Aikido Turbine is a floating-specific wind turbine that can reduce the cost and weight of a floating platform by 25%. Innovations in the rotor design make it specifically adapted to optimal power production in a floating environment. The nacelle is designed to be transported horizontally, pairing well with the Aikido Platform concept. 

Why Aikido?

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  • Industrialization of platform fabrication

  • Unlocking port infrastructure

  • Minimizing fabrication time

  • Reducing final assembly footprint by 75%

  • Removing need for tall cranes

  • Tapping into local supply chains 

  • Reducing floating wind costs

  • Increasing generation output 

  • Enabling local jobs and growing local economies

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